Top 10 country with largest population in the world 2017

Top 10 country with largest population in the world 2017

welcome to postintrend today we are telling about the which country has the Top 10 country with largest population in the world. according to the recent report of the world population.
The world population is increasing rapidly in the poor and underdeveloped countries where there is no efficient control tactics have been utilized to stop the increasing rate of population in the world.
By the recent census report which is done by national and international institutes the most populated countries in the world have a huge number of inhabitants living in the territory following.
The reports say that the human population on this earth will be more than 9.6 Billion by 2050. In the sub-Saharan African country and Asian regions, women are giving birth to 5-6 children.
Meanwhile, the most western countries have controlled the population and women become mothers of just 1- children that are average. Here we have listed Top 10 country with largest population in the world with their total population.
RankCountryPopulationWorld7,515,284,1531.China1,379,302,7712.India1,281,935,9113.United states326,625,7914.Indonesia260,580,7395.Brazil207,353,3916.Pakistan204,924,8617.Nigeria190,632,2618.Bangladesh157,826,5789.Russia142,257,51910.Japan126,451,398
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how to uninstall cortana on windows 10

how to uninstall cortana on windows 10

Microsoft has made its personal digital assistant – Cortana – more comprehensive to Windows 10 with every major update. Aside from browsing your computer, it displays notifications, you can send emails, set reminders, and do all of that using your voice. how to uninstall cortana many of us asked me this question.
Some may find it too intrusive though, and would rather turn off the helper. While you could turn Cortana off with a single switch in the days before the anniversary upgrade, that’s no longer possible. And with the recent update of Windows 10 Creators, disabling Cortana can completely break the search, according to reports, with the only way to fix it being a clean install.

If you’re still bent on plugging the plug into Cortana’s capabilities in Windows 10, there are ways to do that. You can remove the tools you use to learn about you, or you can turn it off completely.

Prevents Cortana from knowing you

First, let’s head to Cortana’s setup to cut out all the different ways he oversees the habits of his computer. That is how:
  1. Click the search box or the Cortana icon next to the Start key.
  2. Open the Cortana configuration panel with the gear icon.
  3. In the settings screen, turn off all options from On to Off.
  4. Then scroll to the top of the settings panel and click Change what Cortana knows about me in the cloud.
  5. Microsoft will search for a web page called Personal Information in the same Home panel.
  6. When charging, scroll to the bottom and press Clear.
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how to download videos from youtube

hello, welcome to the postintrend to  I am showing an interesting topic that is how to download videos from youtube. Youtube is the world largest videos website in that there is no option to download the videos.
Youtube has designed only to watch the videos, not for download many users want to download the videos the favorite videos, to  watch the videos offline many times
There are many options to download videos from youtube like clip grip and youtube videos downloader etc. but these trick hard to use so I am telling very simple and easy trick. For this trick, you don’t need to install any kind of software or application on your laptop/ computer lets start.

how to download videos from youtube

today’s all website has URL on the top many websites allow to download the videos from URL you need to just copy the URL and paste the URL into the software my trick is same but you don’t need to copy or paste the URL something.

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10 tricks and topics how to impress a girl on chat

10 tricks and topics how to impress a girl on chat

Impressing a girl is the hardest thing for a boy to do just that and you are in touch with him through friends seems impossible to impress her. here are some tips and topics that really help to 10 tricks how to impress girl on chat.

Have you ever a guy who just hit your dream met through chatting and now they are living a happy life, but of course you know this kind of people you ever ask them how Chat has tried to impress a girl? They certainly have to share this secret with you, then we have some tips to help you are posting on chat girl who impressed you may find very helpful to you in real life once applied do not want to do.

10 tricks how to impress girl on chat

Facebook and WhatsApp – a matter of fact it turns out that you have a girl on the stage, you want to fall in recent times, with only doing things that are popular platforms for chatting. Chat now know how to impress a girl.

1 .Make Your Profile Interesting
Either you are chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp, your profile daily to your girl’s eyes should be very attractive. DP as simply put your best photo and a unique situation (WhatsApp case) is. Or if you hit him on FB, and the unique personalities of the show, personality, social issues, etc. that you want to share your choice must fall first.

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how to Solve Hanging Problem In Smartphone in 5 simple tricks

how to Solve Hanging Problem In Smartphone in 5 simple tricks

How to solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

There are millions of Android users around the world and growing, but you know that every other Android user hanging or freezing in your Android-related problems are facing even call them, today I’m going to high prices Android smartphone available on smartphones.So solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks  problem in 5 simple tricks.

We all know that millions of people and for Android, the mobile phone operating system is one of the best Android phone, Android smartphone tricks how to solve hanging thinks there is some problem occurs because of errors or bugs in Android OS.

So if you are facing the same problem, then follow these smartphone tricks to solve hanging problems Android phones is due to several reasons.

Solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

       1.Increase Memory by Deleting Unwanted Data

solve hanging problem smartphone 5 simple tricks

Know that almost every website to increase the speed of a website page? Whenever you call, you automatically have a website which is also known as cookies and cache visited the store uses.

These unwanted data, apps and other files in your phone memory, which tends to reduce the available memory will be stored in.
Solution :
This problem can be easily solved by setting.
Go to setting>Storage>Click on the cache and click on the ok to clear caches.

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How To Log Out Facebook Messenger On Android phone

How To Log Out Facebook Messenger On Android phone

Many of you should be aware of Facebook Messenger, the official Facebook application that allows you to have text conversations with all your friends on the popular social network. In fact, with the help of this application, you can send and receive text messages in conversations that you can continue later on your computer.
The messenger allows you to share pictures, your location, in text messages; You can even add multiple recipients and open chat windows with multiple people at the same time. Each conversation is kept in a bubble that can be comfortably moved on the screen of your device.

You can also set Facebook Messenger to receive sound and vibration alerts every time you receive a message and even respond to a normal text message (phone to phone) if the person you want to talk to does not have Facebook. (Or not logged in). In addition, you can also make VOIP voice calls from the application itself.

Now, the most entertaining things about Facebook Messenger is your collection of stickers, which you can use to personalize your conversations.

Thanks to this application you can communicate with your friends faster and from anywhere and at any time. However, many people have no idea how to log-out Facebook Messenger. Some may want to log in again with a different account.

How To Log Out Facebook Messenger On Android phone

How to delete a Snapchat account

How to delete a Snapchat account

If any messenger service represents the meaning of “carpe diem”, it must be Snapchat. today learn about how to delete snap chat account
This application is known for its temporary nature. Messages, images, and videos will disappear forever within seconds after the recipient takes a look at them. And just as your messages dissolve into a heartbeat, Snapchat has made it so quick and easy for your entire account to disappear forever.
Are you ready to let your Snapchat account go? If you have been naughty or nice, sometimes your best bet is to let go and start clean.
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Whatever the reason we may be gone, we are here to help you through the process. There are two ways to access the Snapchat account removal page.

There are the two methods of delete snap chat account