Top 10 country with largest population in the world 2017

welcome to postintrend today we are telling about the which country has the Top 10 country with largest population in the world. according to the recent report of the world population.
The world population is increasing rapidly in the poor and underdeveloped countries where there is no efficient control tactics have been utilized to stop the increasing rate of population in the world.
By the recent census report which is done by national and international institutes the most populated countries in the world have a huge number of inhabitants living in the territory following.
The reports say that the human population on this earth will be more than 9.6 Billion by 2050. In the sub-Saharan African country and Asian regions, women are giving birth to 5-6 children.
Meanwhile, the most western countries have controlled the population and women become mothers of just 1- children that are average. Here we have listed Top 10 country with largest population in the world with their total population.
RankCountryPopulationWorld7,515,284,1531.China1,379,302,7712.India1,281,935,9113.United states326,625,7914.Indonesia260,580,7395.Brazil207,353,3916.Pakistan204,924,8617.Nigeria190,632,2618.Bangladesh157,826,5789.Russia142,257,51910.Japan126,451,398
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